Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Love Factor

People get angry when someone else sees God in a different way than to what they see Him. I suppose it is the arrogance of man to take pity on another who does not see eye to eye with us, who is 'blinded' by his own idea or interpretation of who God is and how He acts.
I know I personally get caught up in the web of feeling that there is somehow a form of a void in a potential friendship or relationship with another human being if we do not share the same interpretation of God. Truth be told, we are all made in His image, in the likeness of Him. God is never ending. Wouldn't it be dull if his never 'endingness' was all the same flavour constantly? What if he were, for eternity, just like me? Or just like you? No thanks! He is endless, His ways are indescribable. He is unique. Every person on this earth has a different part of God in them. Should we not therefore instead celebrate that unique DNA of God in each person and get beyond the theological right and wrong game and instead reach out in love and embrace each other and the image of God that is placed in each of us?
If we could all join together we will end up having the complete picture of who God really is. Ultimately it's all about love. Like He said in 1 Corinthians 13:8 & 1 Corinthians 13:12-13.

What would happen if you attempted to cook a cake but all the ingredients had a mind of their own and wouldn't come together because they didn't like what the other ingredients looked like, tasted like or smelled like? Well the obvious outcome is that the cake would never be completed. And if someone attempted to eat a single ingredient by itself, they would most likely find it very bland and boring, not at all tasty. This is the way I believe it has become in the body of Christ. Satan, has tried to keep us all apart through division, theology, hate, religion, strife and every evil thing [James 3:16] for so long. I know that if we all came together sharing one single vision of "completing that cake" then we would see who The Father truly is and the aroma and the attraction of his beauty, and His love would be wafting all over the place and would attract people of all kinds, even people who might not like raw butter on its own may find that they really do quite enjoy it in the cake, or they might not even notice that its in there, instead they are simply enjoying the deliciousness of the completed, baked cake.

We are His children. Free to grow in each of our own little characteristics and traits but ultimately we should remember that we share the same Father and that love should circulate through us all from the Father. Lets move beyond petty religion and theology. Lets see God for who He really is and who He's really all about. Love.

What do you think are some major issues that Satan has divided God's people over?
Do you think these dissagreements can be put aside all in the name of God's love?
Do you think this is how we were created to live?
Do you have any testimony's of seeing beyond dissagreements and walking in true love that you'd like to share?

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