Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wait For Me - Rebecca St. James Chapter One "The Dream"

Rebecca explains how it would seem that the majority of singles in today's culture have given up "the dream" - that of finding prince charming. She encourages us to instead go against the grain and never give up the dream and the longing that God has planted deep in our hearts from the moment we were created.

She then goes onto explain how immorality is glamorized in Hollywood but what is not often shown is, "the very unglamorous, often agonizing consequences of an immoral lifestyle." She urges that keeping oneself emotionally and physically pure for marriage is a beautiful thing, full of romance.
She does not say that it is any easy thing to do - To trust Him [God] with your love life but the challenge to lay all at God's feet, to put all our dreams in His hands is most assuredly a worth while one. A challenge that can have nothing but rewarding outcomes.

In summary of chapter one Rebecca encourages us to regain the dream we buried long ago under the worlds way of thinking and to instead reset our thinking.