Saturday, January 31, 2009


This, my 19th year on this earth I have looked forward to this year more than any year. Most of my other teenage birthday's I was mellow, wistful, lonely, sad and wanting more in life. This year I am instead excited about turning a year older and fulfilling all the plans God has for me this year. I don't want to sit on the sidelines and watch. I want to be involved in what the Spirit of God is doing. Yes, my foe, 'fear' is screaming at me but how long will I continue to listen to him and stay locked in the cage I've put myself in?
It is an uncomfortable illusion of comfort this prison. I used to think that one day someone or something would supernaturally come and break me out, but I have realized that the door is pretty much already open (I have the key) and the Lord is gently calling me out. I want to follow, desperately.

Well today is Febuary 1. How January flew.
There is more I want to write but I must get ready for church.
The Lord IS my Shepherd. He is a GOOD father. I will trust in Him.

All my Love Elizabeth

Saturday, January 24, 2009

To own it.

This is just a start but today is the beginning of God stirring up my heart to become more hungry for Him. To actually seek Him out.
I only just realized today after doing a lot of internet researching and a debate [a good one] with my Dad, that I have a great desire to know God's word, actually know it and know why I believe what I believe. What is the foundation for my faith? etc etc. The time has come.
"God, fuel this fire that you've begun in me. I want to burn for you. "

A question:
Do you know why you believe what you believe or are you still 'living off' your parents' faith and beliefs. Do you own it yourself?