Friday, September 10, 2010

Near misses

God is so good (just thought I'd put it out there in case it wasn't a known fact). Every time I get in my car I pray for a safe trip and charge ministering angels all around. The angels have never had a dull day when I'm behind the wheel.

  • This morning, as I was driving to meet up with my workout partner I almost swiped a cyclist who for some silly reason rode straight by on my right side as I was about to turn right. It was a near miss and a scary one and even though he was in the wrong I was so grateful to God.
  • This afternoon after work I had to duck into the city to pick up some Body Shop products for my sister. Usually it is a real nightmare (if not impossible) to find a park. But I prayed before I went. I got the park, right where I wanted it and made sure all the signage was a O.K for me to be there. It was, or so I thought. I raced into the Queen St Mall and grabbed what I needed and headed back...just as I was reaching my car a man in a blue uniform approached me and said; "Your lucky you didn't get a $200 fine. This is a tow-away zone." Yikes!!! How blessed am I.
The end for today.